Dimmable Desk Lamp

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General Specifications

• Electrical insulation classification II

• High frequency electronic ballast provides flickerless light

• Asymetrical lampshade design gives wider light output

• Include PL-L 18W/4P high color rendering compact fluorescent lamp, more than 6,000 hours lamp life

• 827 Warm White 840 Coolday Light

• 18W = (3x 40W incandescent lamp) energy saving 85%

Universal voltage input & dimming function


• Flickerless for better eye caring

• High efficiency with less glaring

• High color rendering gives true color

• Auto switch off when falling down for safety

• Optical Design lampshade provides better & uniform light

Electronic Circuit Features

• Integrated half bridge power IC For fluorescent applications

• Integrated high sided / low side, including bootstrap circuitry

• Based upon BCD 650V power-logic technology

• Accurate oscillator and timer

• Adjustable frequency range (with fixed fmax / fmin ratio)

• Adaptive non-overlap time control

• Capacitive mode protection

• Adjustable preheat current and time control

• Single ignition attempt

• Powerdown function

• Soft start by frequency sweep down from start frequency

• Adjustable ignition voltage control

• Lamp current control

• Down to 10% dimming

Protection against lamp failures or lamp removal